Trying out the Lensbender

I was given to opportunity to try out the Lensbender. This is a product that helps you when freelensing. For more information about them visit their website at

So first of all this product comes in really neat packaging! Its in a round container! When it first arrived I thought there was a paint can on my porch, but then I saw that large Lensbender label and got really excited! So this comes in such neat packaging I of course have to keep the box. Your Lensbender arrives without the bands on it. But they provide all the bands plus extra! And they have super easy to follow instructions for putting them on. Its way easier then it looks :) 

I also received a Lenshield for my Sony A7II. This is a wonderful product Lensbender has made so we don't have to worry about our shutter and the inside of our camera from getting any dust or damage. So anyone looking into buying a Lensbender, I definitely suggest getting the Lenshield also! And they come in a super cute little felt pouch to keep it safe!

Ok so now time to play! I am still fairly new to freelensing, but I like the added protection the Lensbender and Lenshield provide when doing this. I can see myself trying freelensing more often now that I have this to use. Its pretty easy to put the lens in the lensbender. They provide instruction for putting the lens in and mounting it on your camera. It mounts on your camera on the bottom where you would put your camera on a tripod. After it was mounted its nice and easy to move the lens around and try out different freelensing looks. Its still going to take me some practice to get the hang of it, but I definitely suggest the Lensbender and Lenshield for anyone interested in freelensing. 

So here are some of my first photos using the Lensbender!