Lomo Instant Automat Review

I was given the privilege to try out the Lomo Instant Automat from the company Lomography. This little camera is a lot of fun and a great first camera to try in the instant photography world. I received the Bora Bora version with lenses. The box the set comes in is awesome! It is really nice and can be kept as a great storage box to keep your camera and lenses safe when not in use. The manuals are all located under the holder for the camera and lenses. At first I wasn’t sure if there was anything else in the box but I just lifted that section out and there are the manuals!

Also included in the set are two little, adorable boxes. One contains inspirational shooting tips and the other includes glue dots, photo stands and photo clips to display your instant photos! You also receive colored gel filters to get creative with the coloring in your photos. These are really nice little extras! 

The lenses included in the set are the wide angle lens attachment, the fisheye lens attachment, and the close-up lens attachment. These lenses are really easy to mount; they just screw onto the camera. They are awesome lenses for variety and fun with your instant photos! The one I found myself using the most was the fisheye because I just think its really unique. But I look forward to continuing to try out all the other ones as well. Also the included lens cap for the camera doubles as a remote which is really great! 

You have the option of buying either just the camera on the Lomography website or the camera with the additional lenses. I think that is really nice they give you the option! The additional lenses are fun though and a great addition! Your new camera doesn’t arrive with film or batteries so those will need to be bought separately. It uses Fuji Instax film and CR2 batteries which are pretty easy to find at local stores.  

So one thing I noticed about this camera is it’s gorgeous! I would even use it as a display piece it’s so pretty! It’s also sturdy and good quality. I love the simple white of the Bora Bora version but they have some other versions in different colors too that are beautiful! The included manual is simple and concise. I just glanced over it and within a couple minutes was totally familiar with the camera and how to work it. This is a great camera for instant photography newbies like me. And the design of it is very user-friendly. It all makes sense and looks awesome at the same time!  

I am used to shooting completely in manual with my Sony camera so it has been an adjustment for me to let go of the control of all the settings. This camera adjusts automatically to get the right exposure. There is an exposure compensation button to increase or decrease the exposure +1 or -1 which is nice if you are wanting a little brighter or a little darker photo. The flash can be on auto or turned off also depending on your needs. I have noticed indoors the flash is a little strong for me at times. So when I am using it indoors a lot of the time I decrease the exposure -1.  I have discovered that my favorite lighting to use the camera in is natural light outdoors. 

Focusing takes a little practice. There are 3 different focusing settings. You pick the focus setting depending on the distance you are from your subject which means you aren’t twisting your lens to get the focus. It required a little experimentation to get used to all the different settings and how they work. I recommend taking a few test photos when you first take it out of the box as it really helps you get familiar with the different settings and the outcome.

After you take a photo it immediately prints out. That is the fun part! You get to watch your image appear right before your eyes! In about a minute you have your art right there in your hands! Near where the photos come out there are little LED lights to let you know how many photos you have left. 

I definitely see myself playing more with it and taking it on trips. I also really like it for nature shots. I look forward to seeing all that this little camera can do! I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in instant photography. Its simple, easy to use and a lot of fun!  

One thing to remember with this camera is that you aren’t going to get technically perfect photos. Embrace the imperfections. Some of the really imperfect ones may end up being your favorites. That’s the beauty of instant film. It just has it’s own look. It’s beautiful and a lot of fun!